Sunday, October 3, 2010



MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Saturday October 23rd

details to come....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

t-minus 4 days...

|| ~~ || PARADE IS THIS FRIDAY, || ~~ ||
|| ~~ || OCTOBER 24TH || ~~ ||
|| ~~ || @ 5:30PM!!!! || ~~ ||

meet at the Civic Square Building, which is on Livingston Ave, next to the State Theatre (a block from George St). If you can't make the march, then meet us on College Ave- on the steps of Brower Commons, across from the student center.

Costumes! Flags! Signs! Banners! Cookies! Happy! Happy! Happy!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


This Town (Desperately) Needs A Parade~

Welcome to TTNP (sorry, its a great title but a crappy acronym) site/blog. We are just starting to rally our troops to prepare for this upcoming parade and we need some new recruits- so if you are interested in getting involved in these shananigans- you can do a few things:
1. send an email to
2. go on over to the facebook and join the group for TTNP, found here. We'll be announcing things from there and on this website.

For those new to the parade, here is some background:

One fateful night, four years ago, a group of mason gross students formed a blood-bound pact and took an oath: to provide this town with what is so desperately needs: a parade.
The parade has no political agenda, nor theme. The only thing we protest against is boredom. Our only goal is to have a ridiculous evening.
People come from all over the world (read: campus) to celebrate in this monumental (read: medium sized) event! Costumes abound! Many build floats! There are instruments and noisemakers! Candy! Baked foods! Bands rocking out! DJs and Dancing! What more could we ask for?!

The 411:
At some time (tbd) in the evening of a day near Halloween (also, to be announced soon) all paraders and marauders gather at the front steps of the Civic Square Building (this is the Mason Gross building on Livingson Ave, just one blog from George St.). We rally, chear, scream, and mill about until the time is just right. We march (on the sidewalk, mostly..) down George St, up Albany, and Down College Ave towards Brower Commons- where we have music and perhaps even some snacks! Music includes live bands and dance-party-providin' DJs!

Live bands so far includes Seal Club, with more to be announced.

Want to be involed? Here are some ways:
We always need help advertising and getting more people to come out for the event- so tell your friends. Maybe print out a few flyers and put them in your dorm or apt- or bring them to the next gallery or basement show you go to. If you want to print out a flyer, you can download one here. Print, copy, cut and distribute!

Other ways to get involved:
-make banners, flags, signs for the parade! in the next few weeks, we'll announce a few artpart(ies), where we hang out, maybe drink some wine, and make some great paradart. are you getting sick of my affinity to combine words yet?
-make a float for the parade!
-help us organize the live music section of the parade. send us an email.

thats all for now,

Art making parties this week!

Art-Making-Party! This MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY! (Oct 20th and 23rd) 9pm-whenever. At 34 Central.
We have: some paint, fabric, some paper
We need: spray paint, brushes, and PEOPLE to make flags, banners, signs, floats, costumes!
Stop by for a bit and bring a friend!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

We, here at Parade, Inc., hope everyone is getting psyched for the parade- which is now 2 weeks away! The response has been great so far- we have 2 live bands and DJ lined up for what will be the BEST PARADE ON EARTH! (probably).

Here is what we still need from YOU:
>This Wed, oct 15th, we are having an art making party at 34 central- we want to make flyers, flags, banners, floats, costumes, etc! We have some paints, fabric, and some other supplies- but we could always use more supplies and- more importantly- we need YOU and YOU and YOU to come help us! There will be music, maybe some wine (its BYOB or we can chip in and do a drink run). Please come, please bring friends- again, this Wed, 8:30pm until whenever.
>Help us advertise! Print out flyers (from the facebook event photos) or make your own! invite your friends to the facebook event or just tell them about it in real life.

Thats all I got, I hope you are all deviously planning costumes and maybe even a shoppingcart-or-wheel-barrow-float.

Parade, Inc

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


It's coming! For real this time! There's no denying it!

This town is getting the parade it needs!

This FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd, at 5:30- gather at the Civic Square Building!

We will parade down the promenade of downtown new brunswick, up college ave- and end at a FREE SHOW in front of Brower Dining Hall- with the SCREAMING FEMALES and WE ARE THE SEAHORSES, DJs, and MORE!!

Come complete with costumes, floats, signs, banners, noisemakers, candy, toys, and HAPPINESS!

More info: Check out the facebook event

see you all there!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Here ye! Here ye!

The date of the Parade has been changed, it now resides on NOVEMBER 2nd! Tell yer friends!

Also, we had an awesome artPart(y), in which many a sign, flag, and cane were decorated! Floats are on their way and this parade is going to be awesome! Next one will be announced here and on facebook, so keep tuned in and don't wait for us to start your costume/float/signs!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


What you can do to HELP!

Take the image above and print it out, put it anywhere and everywhere!!

We're having a meeting MONDAY, OCTOBER 15TH at 34 Central Ave at 10 PM

So PLEASE come and bring materials for flyers, banners, etc.

We reserved Brower Commons for October 26th, 6-8 PM (there unfortunately is another event happening at the Commons at 8)


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I say "This Town Needs A Parade!"

Hey everybody- I have a great idea for advertising this parade- Anyone who wants this parade and wants their friends to know about this parade might want to do the following: Take thier current facebook profile picture, and bring it into photoshop. Then copy the logo on the top of this blog page (the speech bubble that says "THIS TOWN NEEDS A PARADE" and put it onto their pictures- AS IF YOU ARE SAYING IT!
I think its a good way of getting the word out if enough people do it, it will be a thing- you know, a thing that people say 'hey, people are doing this thing- thats weird, i wonder why.'
myspace, too- why not, right? also- change the picture in that creepy sex-sharing site that you are on and don't tell anyone about, even if the picture is just of your crotch. advertisement is advertisement.

cosmic dance

make it happen

you can do it!!!